• Montecito Remodel

    Custom - Montecito

    Architect: D’ Vicente & Mills Architecture (DMA): http://www.studiodma.com
    Interior Designer: Christine Killia
    Built: 2011
    Scope of work: Complete rebuild of the existing house and guesthouse from the ground up including incorporating passive ventilation design and green building features.

  • Riviera Remodel

    Custom - Riviera

    Architect: Harrison Design / Adel GoggiaLandscape
    Architect: Earthform Design
    Interior Designer: Barbara Lowenthal
    Built: 2011
    Scope of work: Complete renovation of the House guest house Outdoor kitchen.
    New pool spa and Hardscape.

  • Hot Springs

    Architect: Barry Winick
    Interior Designer: Barry Winick
    Built: 2012
    Scope of work: Interior remodel of the entire house focusing on lighting whole house wiring / automation and fine finishes. Exterior drainage systems & Landscape lighting.