CPDS develops real estate solutions for investors, builders or banks in need of immediate recovery or long-term growth. We offer turnkey or focused services based on the status of your investment or phase of your project:

Our history on the central coast of California – arguably the most difficult environment to conduct development – is a testament to the satisfaction of our investors, clients, partners, vendors and government officials. We’ve been here since 1999 and are a licensed building contractor and full-service construction company.

Mr. Higgins has provided land acquisition and entitlement services to developers, the oil and gas industry and telecommunications carriers for over 20 years. Under the employ of Capital Pacific Homes/Development Group since 2004, his primary focus has been discretionary entitlements and land acquisition. He negotiates land purchase and access transactions, conducts property due diligence and CEQA related impact reviews, negotiates or restructures development agreements, entitlement commitments, development impact fees and conditions of approval.

He directs the consulting division of the company that focuses on entitlements and commercial leasing for various clients. He holds B.A. in Environmental Studies/Urban Planning and a M.A. in Organizational Management, and is active with both the American Planning Association and local Habitat for Humanity affiliate a volunteer board member. 

CEQA/NEPA Environmental Review, Permit Expediting & Local Government Affairs

Land Acquisition & Subdivision: Entitlements & DRE Compliance

Property Due Diligence, Title Review, Easement/Access Disputes 

Hazardous Materials Regulatory Compliance

Residential Market Research: Competition Analysis, Product Segmentation & Pricing

Wireless Site Acquisition, Entitlements, Project Management, Local Moratoria/Ordinance Development

Public Speaking, Public Affairs & Legislative Advocacy

Expert Witness

Real Property Market Research and Acquisition

Pre-Construction Design and Construction Documentation

CPHLD begins with you’re your ideas and collaborates with professional consultants to produce a set of complete architectural plans.

  • Management between Professional Consultants
    • Architects
      • Schematic to Final Home Design
      • Code Compliance
    • Landscape Architects
      • Plantings, walkways, entry to property
    • Mechanical, Plumbing and Electrical Engineers
      • Title 24
      • Balanced HVAC system
      • Efficient Water and Waste Management
    • Structural Engineers
      • Seismic Design
      • Code Compliance
      • Structural Integrity of the Home
    • Civil Engineers
      • Utility Infrastructure
      • Proper Site Preparations
    • Architectural Board of Review
      • Coordinate between consultants for design approvals
      • Implement changes required by review board to all consultants
      • Final Approval
    • Third Party Design Review
      • Construction Feasibility
      • Construction best practices
        • Water Intrusion
        • Construction Details
    • Interior Designer
    • Preliminary Schedules
      • Timelines from Schematic to Construction Documents
      • Start of Construction to move in
    • Project Estimating
      • Estimate Costs of all aspects of Construction
      • Procure highly skilled craftsman for project
    • Green Building
      • Incorporate green building techniques into the design
        • Energy Star Ratings
        • LEEDS
        • Sustainable construction

Major Entitlements, Design Approvals and Ministerial Permitting

We take political risk and turn it into unique opportunity. 

Our conservative operating procedures do not interfere with our ability to provide the public with a patient and sensitive ear. In fact, a key a part of the CPH project team structure includes proven community relations and advocacy components to maximize receptivity and minimize the environmental risk.

To minimize mitigations and exactions, CPH takes time in the early stages of project design to first understand the unique dynamics of the local political landscape. We can then present projects in the best light, identify potential obstacles and create a plan to avoid or overcome them.

We attribute much of our success to two fundamental beliefs that set us apart from the industry norm and give us a competitive advantage. First, we simply believe that some regulatory battles are worth fighting - and we have the scars to prove it from our history on the Central Coast. And second, we accept the fact that nearly every project proposal will have its detractors – and we make sure we have a plan in place to deal with this reality effectively.

  • Public improvement plan coordination, submittal and plan-check management
  • Easement abandonment
  • Execution/coordination of City covenants
  • Coordination with City housing staff for workforce housing buyer selection and marketing plan
  • Coordination of ministerial permitting (encroachments, etc.)
  • Utility/public easement coordination
  • Bonding
  • Coordination with Architectural team during design review/architectural plan check condition compliance prior to initial Building Permit
  • Miscellaneous City/County clearances (APCD, Env. Health, Fire, etc.)
  • Coordination of plans for ABR/HLC meetings & hearings
  • Coordination with City Historian
  • Coordination with City Transportation Planner
  • Architectural plan check coordination with City staff (not with consultants)
  • Coordination of building permit fees, ongoing fee updates
  • Arborist-related tree protection plans and consultations
  • Biologist-related reporting and coordination of necessary state or federal permitting
  • Solid waste management and recycling consultations and plan
  • Archeological monitoring plan and actual on-site monitoring costs
  • Review and incorporation of Soils report recommendations
  • Structural video reconnaissance and conflict resolution
  • Construction equipment air quality plan
  • Traffic engineering consultations and construction traffic shuttle program plans
  • Historian consultations and reports
  • Noise engineering; on-site monitoring equipment and reports; and noise barrier plans
  • Coordination of other required regular reporting to City staff